Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The big cockroach possibly killed!

Despite the increase in the terrorists attacks in Baghdad the terrorist groups especially of the Jordanian Abomusab Zarqawi suffered sever damages in the last few weeks.

Since the middle of April most of the members of the closest circle to Zarqawi have been arrested or killed.

The latest US and Iraqi forces attack especially in Ramadi and Qaiem resulted in sever damages to the thugs’ bases. This time the situation was quiet different from Faluja because some of the tribes and the people fought with the Iraqi forces against the terrorists. They organized themselves in brigades called (Al-Hamza). Zarqawi groups in a statement published today admitted heavy losses because of this.

Possibly Zarqawi has been killed during these attacks. The statement of his groups were today issued under the name of his deputy (Abo-Abdrahmn) and a finger print for his DNA test has been requested from Jordan. On the other hand the doctor who treated him in Ramadi confessed that his injuries were more or less fatal.

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