Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Syrian army joined the fighting in Al-Qaim

A top source from the Iraqi Ministry of Defense told the Al-Watan Saudi newspaper yesterday that members from the Syrian army have joined the insurgents in Al-Qaiem against the US and Iraqi forces.

Al-Qaiem is on the border with Syria which is used as a cross safe heaven point for the Saudi and other Arab insurgents from Syria.

At least 35 among the Syrian army who were arrested during the fighting confessed about their ranks and their Syrian army units. They also confessed about their role in training the insurgents inside Iraq. Part of that training was professional including anti-aircraft missiles. The US army earlier mentioned that the type of training and weapons was different and well organized this time. This now has been confirmed that such professional training needs a well organized states army behind it.

Anti aircraft missiles and other sophisticated weapons have been found this time.

The Iraqi authorities informed the Syrian government and will submit the Syrian solders and officers for trials.

On the other hand many families in Riyadh and other parts of Saudi Arabia as well as some Kuwaitis haven informed that their sons were among the dead during their fight in the Al-Qaim. These Saudis were buried in the region of Al-Ramadi.

This is again showing very strong evidence of the involvement of Syria as a government and Saudi Arabia as Wahabi organizations in Iraq. There is no way of this is going to change unless a military buffer zone created inside the Syrian border and helping the Syrian Kurds and opposition to topple that regime.

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