Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Saddam trial and not pictures which is important

The number of Iraqis killed by the terrorists since April 2005 increased to at least 550 civilians. On the same time the number of the insurgents captured and their weapons confiscated increased. The largest operation by the Iraqi forces with the support of US forces against the terrorists’ nets carried out in the West of Baghdad yesterday. It resulted in arresting 300 insurgents and the seizure of lot of weapons and explosives. On the same time a suicidal thug attacked a restaurant in Thawra (Shiite) city north Baghdad. Several people killed and at least hundred wounded.

For us during such a time the pictures of Saddam Hussein by the Sun (a tabloid paper in the UK) means nothing without him standing a trial. The most important thing about Saddam is to see what he is going to say about his crimes over 35 years against the Iraqi people and his neighbors. The long awaited trial is more important for us and the world than the pictures of the tyrant washing his own clothes. Indeed the pictures show that he is healthy and taking care of himself and his hygiene. He enjoys a deep sleep that he used to deprive his prisoners from by different ways of tortures. One of the ways that he used to use is by putting the detained in a small cell (1 meter wide) and put some scorpions with him. They give the detained a small ruler and ask him not to kill the scorpions and if he do so they will torture him. He then spends the night pushing the scorpions away with the ruler! The other way is by putting him in similar cell with dribbling of water from the ceiling over his head or horror noises.

The best news we may see today is the trial of the tyrant and justice execution against him and his thugs. His trial must be purely Iraqi and should not include a trial on behalf of the others like Iran. Recently Iran requested compensations for the Iraq/Iran 1980-1988 war. If Saddam have to be tried for this on behalf of Iran then Khomeini should also be in such trial. Iraq accepted the UN resolution 598 after6 days from the war to stop the war and it stopped the war from one side yet Khomeini rejected all the other attempts to stop the war for more than 8 years. Even after 8 years of war and when Khomeini accepted the stop of the war he described this acceptance like a cup of poison!
So if Iraq has to pay for the first 6 days of the war, Iran has to pay compensation for the rest of the war. Iraq may use the money to rebuild its services yet Iran may use it to advance its nuclear arms.
Neither Ibrahem Jafari nor any one else has the right to give Iran even one Iraqi Dinar as compensation which is not stated in any UN resolution and Iran has no right for that.

It is not only Iran which is responsible for the 8 years war but also Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Syria, Libya and more important is the West and the USA. At that time Khomeini was the main enemy of the West for which they supported Saddam and closed their eyes on his crimes against his people. Regional countries provided him with money and logistic support a part from Syria and Libya which stand with Iran.

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