Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Zarqawi's days are numbered

Top aide for Zarqawi has been captured by the Iraqi forces North of Baghdad. Ghasan Al-Rawi and another two of his top supporters have been arrested 10 days ago.

They provided logistic, financial and safety support to Zarqawi. They are involved in numbers of terrorist attacks and organizing others.

Iraq provided 25 million dollars for information to capture zarqawi. Zarqawi himself believed according to some local reports as having possible infection in his blood possibly due to some kind of injuries. He was admitted and investigated in Ramadi which provided safe heaven to many terrorists. Irrespective of his illness he is not more than Saddam in hiding. His days according to the available information are counted.

Attacks against Iraqi civilians continued which included primary school today. On the other hand the Australian hostage Mr Wood was brutally tortured according to the pictures shown today.

Injured frightened girl from a bomb near her school today. At least 20 killed including many among her friends in the school.

Syria and Saudi Arabia and Terrorism

No two disagree about the role of these two countries played in supporting terrorism in all kinds especially in Iraq.

In a story published by Al-Watan Saudi newspaper (7/5/205) there are strong evidence that the Saudi Whabi terrorists continuously providing men and money via Syria to the terrorists in Iraq. The story is about two (26 years old) Saudi men who went to Iraq via Syria. They joined the terrorists there and killed either by suicidal attacks or confrontation with the forces there.

Ziad Ibrahem Al-Thniyan from Al-Badaiaa in Saudi Arabia suddenly informed his family 3 weeks ago that he is going to go to Riyadh. Few days latter he phoned them from Syria telling them that he is outside the country and may take him long time to come back. He never contacted them again! Few days latter the family received a phone call from an unknown caller to inform them about he was killed in Iraq. The caller phoned back to confirm the name and the details!

Rashed Hamad Al-Shibermy from the same area hasn’t informed his wife or father where he is going to 3 weeks ago. Few days ago they received the same call as above to tell them that he was killed in Iraq!

Neither Syria nor Saudi Arabia can deny their involvement in at least not doing enough to stop the terrorism. For Saudi Arabia as far as the terrorism happening outside its land they don’t care about it even if it happen with their money and by their thugs. Syria is not only the main passing point for the terrorists but it provide them with large support just to try to show that Iraq is not good example. Certainly free and democratic Iraq will be unwanted neighbor for Syria and therefore it is not going to change its game in Iraq unless its regime fully changed like Saddam regime.

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