Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Big Criminal Captured

Sab'awi Ibrahem Al-Hassan Al-Tikriti (number 36 of the 55 deck cards) the half brother of Saddam Hussein has been captured. Ten remained free from the 55 list on the top of them (Deck number 6) Ezat Al-Dori.

Sab'awi occupied many jobs during Saddam regime including chief of security and advisor to Saddam. He was one of the most offensive killers and tyrant members of the regime. If his name was mentioned every one was feeling sick and upset though can not express it.

He escaped to Syria and supported the terrorists. Until last few weeks he was in Syria playing major role in the terrorists' activities in Iraq.
It is not yet known whether he was captured after crossing the border from Syria or the Syrians asked him to leave?

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