Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who killed Hariri?

It has been stated by the Daily Telegraph that the killers of Rafiq Hariri the previous PM of Lebanon have been recruited from the Arab insurgent terrorists in Iraq.

The statement according to the above newspaper was announced by the judge who investigates the killing of Hariri.

The terrorist organisation which announced the responsibility (Al-Nasrah wa Aljihad in Bilad Asham or the victory and holy war in the Great Syria) work between Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed Bo Adas who announced the responsibility in a video that was shown by Al-Jazeera TV is Lebanese from Palestinian origin with Saudi passport. He travelled several times between Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Many attacks during Moharam against the Shias

Several suicidal and rocket attacks carried out against Shiite mosques and festival gatherings about Imam Hussein.

One of these attacks was exactly like the suicidal attacks which carried out against Israeli Buses. It happened against women and children when a suicidal terrorist entered the bus and exploded himself to kill the women and children. Another suicidal thug was on a bike when he exploded himself while pushing throw a consolation gathering for a woman who was killed earlier by another attack.

During the same time where several attacks happened against Shias many terrorists have been arrested in Najaf, Karbala, Mosel, Baquoba, Baghdad, Basrah, and Latyifiah. Some of them are Arabs came via Syria.

Many of the terrorist networks have been dismantled with good progress for the Iraqi security and forces.

Ahmed Al Chalabi is most likely the Next Prime Minister

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