Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Alzarqawi within an ace of capturing!

Day after day the way leading to Zarqawi becomes shorter. The corners he may use become very few and disclosed.

Talib Minkhlef Airsan (Abokotayba) one of the top cards just beside Zarqawi has been arrested 4 days ago near Aana which is close to the Syrian border. He is one of the most dangerous terrorist in Zarqawi group. He was responsible for the personal security of Zarqawi!

Similar thugs have been arrested in Diyala, Ramadi and Mosel over the last few days. Mohamad Najem was responsible for many beheadings and Abo Othman was a personal driver for Zarqawi.

Iraqi ordinary civilians are now actively involved in dismantling and arresting the terrorist networks. They play very active role to arrest the thugs.
Two days ago 4 terrorists tried to attack the Iraqi National Guards in the centre of Baghdad near the motor way. The civilians in Alhoriyah city suspected their intention and captured them just before they attack the Iraqi National Guards. When the Iraqi forces arrived the civilians handed the captured terrorists with applauses! No one of the terrorists were harmed or beaten by the people! Is it not civilized and brave way!

In Mosel, Salman Abed Shibeb and his deputy were arrested after the Iraqi civilians informed the Iraqi forces about their movements and sites. Both of them were very serious criminal terrorists.

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