Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Counter-Terrorism Conference!

Al-Qaeda recruits with the help of the Saudi money and Syrian bases Mujahdeen from Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Yemen, Mauritania, Sudan, Morocco, and others for Iraq. Most of these states attended the above conference in Riyadh! The recruiters concentrated on poor under-educated young men. The recent interviews with the arrested terrorists revealed the major role that the media play in this matter. Al-Jazeera TV is one of the main sources which influence these men. It is Qatari TV supported by the government of Qatar who is another state attended the above conference.

The other source which may even more important than the media is the role of the Wahabi Sheiks and Mullahs in the local areas where the terrorists came from. Most of those who were interviewed recently made references to both media and fishing people in the worship places. One of the most tools used is CDs in which photos of rapes or torture allegedly made by US soldiers against Iraqis to inflame the youths' mind.

There is a strong link between the network of Al-Qaeda in North Africa with Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Western countries. Before their departure to Iraq they show them films of Usama Bin Laden commend them by their names!

The Iraqi police and forces in spite their losses in the last few days conducted operations in which numbers of terrorists were arrested. Four were arrested in Samara who confessed about criminal acts like killing and kidnapping. Although they are working for the terrorist organization Insar Al-Sunah yet they confessed that they are mercenaries. Al-Qaeda pays them money according to the type of service they do. The payment of killing is different from payment for intimidation or threat. Payment may reach up to $ 1000 or more per operation. The unemployment and large numbers of escaped criminals from prisons make the situation even worse regarding availability of mercenaries.

One of those who himself beheaded some the Iraqi soldiers in Mosel was shown by the Iraqi TV. He is called (Abo Bilal) as his movement name. He confessed that the terrorists pay him money for each head he cut. He also said that he trade on his four sisters to the terrorists and charge 10,000 Iraqi Dinars from each one of the Mujahdeen for making (***) with his sister.

The two most important means which keep these terrorists alive and active are money to buy dirty villains and the second most important is a doctrine to mobilize dumb dupes men. Saudi Arabia which hosted the International Conference against Terrorism is the main state which supplies both of these. Alas the Saudis define terrorism as so if it involves their interests and not if it is against the other regional countries like Iraq.

The recent events in Kuwait revealed strong link between the terrorists there and money and men mobilisation for Iraqi groups. Saudis were among those who were killed or arrested in Kuwait recently.

The Saudi supported channels like Iqraa and Al-Majed have shown regularly old style Mullahs and western style ones like Umro Khaled who calls for victory and supplicate for the Mujaheeden in Falluja. These statements are nothing but direct calls and encouragement for terrorism. It also mobilises money for them.
This is clear contradiction of the Saudi official stand by the Saudi supported media! Is it not strange?!

Terrorism should only be defined in one term for every one. If its definition becomes preferential as it suites certain parties, governments or states then its counter-act will not be effective and hypocritical. The best solution is to cut the roots of the terrorism by cutting the money supplies and cleaning the feeding responsible doctrine from hate.

The people of Middle East especially the Arabs should have their freedom and live in democratic states to be able to express their ideas without fear and pressure from dictators. The pressure, lack of freedom, poverty, and indignity create a suitable environment for extremism which leads to terrorism.
The best solution for the Middle East to be free from terrorism and hate is to change it towards real democracy.

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