Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The day our blood mixed with our breads!

It is another day and another failure for the Interim Iraqi Government especially the ministers of Interior and defence.

The terrorists' operations continued daily so as the planning and execution for these operations must be an on going process over the hour.

There are two special factors about the present time. First is the month of Muharam which is the first month in the Islamic calendar and in which the (so called Muslims) killed the son of the daughter of (their) Prophet Imam Hussein! The other special factor about this time is the long-awaited results of the election.

If any things have to be mentioned from Iraq today it is the attack on a Bakery shop owned by a Shiite person and another attack on a Shiite Mosque during the prayer time.

Early morning today while a crowd of men, women and children were queuing outside a bakery shop to buy some bread for their breakfast or dinner, three masked cockroaches approached in a small car with Kalashnikovs and spread them with fire. At least 12 were instantly killed from the people as well as the bakery shop workers. The cockroaches escaped with the car unharmed.

The Iraqis request from this failed minister of interior to be hold responsible and he should be brought to justice in front of a National committee to question him about what is going on regarding the security. On the other hand Iyad Alawi and his President who are busy trying to establish them-selves on power should bring the killers of this incident in particular and let the people who were queuing for breads to decide what to do with them. Today's attacker should be tried by the relatives who send their beloved ones to buy bread for the family and killed there!

Today the Iraqi (the Shiite) bread mixed with their blood before they get it back to feed their children! Today is another day of Muharam!

In another part of Iraq in Diyala in Balad-Rose the thugs exploded a bobby-trapped car outside Shiite Mosque killing 12 and wounding more. The people suspected a car which was full with crop parked in front of the mosque. They contacted the police who arrived late. The car exploded to kill Shiite worshipers.

So the police failed to instruct the people what to do. At least they should evacuate the place and get every one away as quick as possible. This is the basic principle that may be the minister of interior is ignorant about!

Two attacks against bakery shop which stained the bread with the blood and one against a worship place. Is there any filthy cockroaches would like to defend the attackers by any thing or even by a little comment?

Congratulations to Haiyat Ulama Al Muslmeen,
Congratulations to the Wahabis,
Congratulation to Al Khardawi,
Congratulation to the 25 Saudi Sheikhs, who issued a Fatwa to kill us,
Congratulation to Syria and Iran,
Congratulations to Al Jazeera devil TV,
Congratulations to all of the Arabs who supported the terrorists by mixing our breads with our blood today.

Lastly we swear by the blood of our innocent people which was mixed with their bread today that we never rest until bringing those who committed such crimes to justice and will punish them in a way to make them example for any one who may think he can do this again.
We will make those who supported the terrorists to pay a heavy price that they never thought about it and will make them to regret and curse the day their mothers excreted them to this life.

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