Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Sistani Office denied news reports!

A spokesman for Sayyid Ali Sistani declared today that Sistani hasn't issued any statement about the Sharia law or anything related to that.

Hamed Al-Khafaf told Reuters today that the news about this issue is totally incorrect. It is falsely attributed to Sistani by the media.

Mr Al-Khafaf added that Ali Sistani called before that the Elected Assembly members are the ones who write the legislation and he asked that the legislation should respect the values of the Iraqi society including Islam.

On the same time that the network of the terrorist organizations working inside Iraq started to be disclosed and getting nearer to its big head(s), their attacks continued.

Many Iraqis have been killed today and some others kidnapped. One of those who were killed is the sons of Mithal Al-Aalosi who visited Israel lately. He escaped the assassination. One of his sons is a father for 3 children and the other is 22 years old.

Many top advisors and leaders in the network of the terrorist Zarqawi were arrested. The hook seems to get closer to him as many of his top thugs fallen.

The recent election was a vote by which the Iraqis said no to these terrorists.
The local newspapers wrote about the story of the hero Abd-Al-Amer who saw a suspicious man trying to hide something under his clothes coming towards the crowds of the people queuing for election. Amer (in his early thirties) recognised that the man is a cockroach so he carried him and run with him away from the crowd. As soon as he reached to a safer place the terrorist poppy-trapped belt went off which instantly killed Amer who saved with his life many other Iraqis. Now the Iraqis re-named the school where this incidence happed after Amer and the people asked to name the street after him.

This is the real voice of the civilised Iraqis as it was shown during the election and not the insurgents thugs.

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