Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Final Official Results of Iraq Election

After final official results the National Iraqi Assembly 275 seats goes as follows:

- Iraqi United Alliance 140
- United Kurdistan 75
- Iyad Alawi card 40
- Iraqion of Alyawar 5
- Turkoman card 3
- The independent card 3
- People Union – communist 2
- Islamic organization 2
- Islamic Kurdistan 2
- United democratic 1
- Rafiden 1
- Al mosalaha w tahrer 1

We expect alliance government between more than two factions. The IUA expected to announce its candidate for PM with in two days.

This is the first time in the recent history of the Arab countries and ME to have a government and NA by free and democratic election.

Next is the acid test for all of the above factions. Based on their actions and work for the people and Iraq the above result may change completely or may stay as depending on how they are going to do?

The new government should start with trials of the previous tyrants and killers with justice. Security, rebuilding, services, health, education, employment, and peace are the mainstay requirements.

Saturday 19/3/2005 will be the 10th of Moharam the day of Martyr of Imam Hussein

Click here for more about Imam Hussein

The Tomb of Imam Hussein in Karbala

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