Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqi Election Results!

The results of the Iraqi election are yet to be counted and finalised but there are some preliminary figures leaked out.

The largest votes went to the United Iraqi Alliance (Iatilaf Iraqi Mowhad - the Candle). It includes parties and groups among the Shites and Sunnis and also included some non-Muslims minorities.

Out of 275 seats it is expected that the UIA will hold an overall majority up to 170 or even more.

Iyad Alawi ticket is coming as number 2 of the list. Kurdistan parties together achieved the third place.

Ghazi Al-Yawer ticket much behind as well as the other with no much difference between the others.

It is expected that the UIA make a strong coalition with the Kurds parties in which case the two sides may share a large powerful status in the new government and the assembly.

Iyad Alawi may enter such coalition but the Iraqis would like to see new interim leaders to give the process a chance to get more security and therefore reconstruction to begin.

Ghazi Al-Yawer told in a press conference that he may nominate himself for the president position but the Iraqis who gave their voices to the UIA and other parties are looking for a change. None of the present ministers are welcomed again especially the Interior and the Defence Ministers (Al-Nqeb and Al-Shaalan).

Terrorists are spreading!

The events of the terrorists' attacks in Kuwait proved two things. The Iraqi security is so important for the whole region and the source of the terrorism is from the Gulf region specifically from the Wahabi doctrine.

On the other hand the Iraqi police and other security forces arrested two Saudis and an Egyptian before they carry out terrorist attacks against the polling stations. Another two were killed a Syrian and Sudanese while they tried to execute their attacks agnist the polling stations.

More terrorists were arrested today with large number of explosives and ammunition. They confessed that a Palestinian insurgent called (Abo-Mohamad) mobilized them.

There are reports from local sources indicate that the terrorists left Iraq towards Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and North East. The terrorists are now changing their tactic to attack in the region wider than Iraq as their networks are uncovered largely inside Iraq contrary to their statements today that they will continue their war.

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