Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Strong government against the terrorists

Abd-Al-Hussein Khazaal is the reporter of AL-Hura TV in Basrah who was killed today by the terrorists. His 4 years old son was killed on the same time?

What is the crime of the 4 years old?

Yesterday the two sons of Mithal Al-Aalousi were killed. Mithal visited Israel but his sons not. What is the crime of his sons?

Another TV official was killed in Basrah today. Al-Basri worked as a local manager for Al-Fayhaa TV.

In Baghdad top official from the Interior Ministry kidnapped today. The manager of Al-Rashed hotel killed. Top official in the Ministry Housing killed today.

Alawi government failed to ekeep the security!

Two days to go for the results of election which get delayed due to reviewing the results of 300 ballot boxes.

The Iraqis voted against the terrorists and therefore they want a strong government to uproot the thugs and their supporters and provide security to all citizens.

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