Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The UN Iceberg of Oil for Food Scandal

The 246 pages report released today about the oil for food UN scandal is nothing compared to the nature of the whole issue of the oil for food and the inspection.

The UN should open investigations about the real intentions and work of its inspectors in the UNSCOM and UNMOVIC. There were many doubts raised about some of them working as spies for intelligent services and may even some of them mobilized by Saddam regime to work for him.

Surprisingly the bad named commission UNMOVIC of the UN is still live and receive its payment from the much needed the Iraqi revenue! We are so surprised why this bad named UN group still exist and receive payment from the Iraqi oil in spite of the end of the whole issue of the previous tyrant regime WMD and its dirt?!

The 1 million dollars oil vouchers given by Saddam to Benon Sevan is the tip of the iceberg not only for him but for many others among the UN members including the son of Koffi Anan Kojo who worked for a Swiss company.

The Iraqis want two things out of the UN now. First the UN should apologize to the Iraqi people and second to compensate Iraq and return its stolen money. Its UNMOVIC should be dissolved immediately.

If the UN want to be clear from this scandal it should extended its investigation to include all the others involved in the oil for food scandals including Arabs and non-Arabs who used to use the sanction as an excuse to achieve oil vouchers out of the UN resolutions. The names are very well known to the UN and it can ask the Interpol to bring those people for justice including the media which supported until now the tyrant regime.

Our condolences are to the families of the 12 Iraqi National Guards who were killed today.

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