Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Massacre in Babel

Hila (the old Babylon) has another blood bath today committed by a suicidal cockroach. The target was young men and women queuing outside a Health Centre to complete health certificates as part of applications for jobs.

More than 115 civilians were instantly killed and more wounded. Some bodies turned into fragments. The scene was blood and flesh mixed with the death smell.

We may describe the killers by the most offensive words exist, but this is not enough. The most important is to see the terrorists hanged on the scene of their crime however this is not enough.

The punishment that suite these devils is to put them in cage in the same site of their crime and show them to the public with a banner to say "The Devilish animal Zoo"! Let every one pass humiliate them by his own way to make them example for the other terrorists. Devilish animals have no places with the others and cockroaches place is in the dirtiest toilets.

Iyad Alawi government especially the Interior Minister have failed to punish the criminals. We need to know the facts about these crimes. If IA government respect the human rights they should tell the facts about every crime and the facts related to them. All what we see now is bids to hide and forget which only happen with the un-respectful and dictator governments. The government which respect itself and its people and the human rights should follow and investigate any crime with its own people. How many beheaded and kidnapped people found in Iraq each day and what happen about them?

Where is the Justice in Iraq??

We need to see justice, facts and evidence not speculation and news.

The Lebanese are protesting today against their government which is forced to resign about the assassination of the X-PM Hariri asking for facts and justice. The Iraqis got more reason to go to the streets about these horrified and disgusting crimes. The Iraqi government need to implement extreme justice to exterminate the killers.

On the other hand the ideology which feeds the terror by brain-wash the young people to commit suicide to kill others needs to be eradicated completely. Every one knows that the Wahabism and Salafism is the ideology which feeds the terror in the world now.

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