Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

End the US-British occupation of Iraq now

The situation in Iraq is getting worse and more complicated essentially by the wrong policies of the American and British occupying forces. On the same time more counterattacks happening against these forces with increasing losses.

The British troops led an attack in the last 2 days against targets that has been described by these forces as belong to Sadar militias (Al-Mahdi Army) in Basrah. Many civilians were killed during these attacks and one leader from the MA in Basrah. The MA as expected retaliated by rockets against British base in Basrah. More attacks and confrontations are expected.

On the same time the American forces attacked the city of Sadar in Baghdad by using helicopters killing and wounding civilians. In contrast these forces ignored many calls from civilians who were exposed to kidnapping by the terrorists south of Baghdad traveling to southern provinces. While this is happening the American forces also prevent the Iraqi police from interfering for the innocent civilians. An example a bout these behaviours is what happened to a family in the last few days. This family (a husband, wife, their few months old baby and the grandfather) were traveling from Baghdad to Kerbala. Their car got hot and they stopped in the main road to get some water. The young husband while trying to get some water was kidnapped by terrorists and his father saw that the kidnappers went through a nearby house. His father approached an American check point just near to where he was and asked them that the kidnappers entered that house. The American refused to help and prevented the Iraqi forces to offer any help! This is just a story among thousands of similar attitude.

The problem in Iraq is not only due to the Al-Qaeda terrorism but the occupation that has either no vision of how to do the best or involved in exacerbating it. We think that the failure of America in Iraq became certain and there will be no solutions for it other than having strong Iraqi army and forces taking over fully from the occupying forces.

The US-British occupation of Iraq should end sooner rather than later.

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