Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The wrong American policy in Iraq need to be corrected

Resistance to the American and British occupation in Iraq is increasing. The month of May was the most sanguineous for these troops and the Iraqis since 2 years ago.

During this time while the occupying troops kills and been killed and while tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis killed each month, the politicians including GWB, Tony Blair and the puppets of the Green Zone government in Baghdad are enjoying relaxing life.

GWB even went farther to say that he is expecting more attacks and losses against his troops in the next months. It is wrong to assume that Iraq needs more troops but the opposite. Iraq needs its own troops to deal with its own matters and not more USA troops. The USA troops do NOT know the Iraqi language, neither the Iraqi customs nor the Iraqi society.

Iraq needs its own forces and this should happen and it should be the aim. Iraq needs reconstruction, reducing the number of jobless people (more than 65%) and repairing its services which were destroyed by wars and not been able to repair and maintain them due to the Barbaric UN Sanction since 1991.

The worse is going to come for the occupation troops and for the innocent Iraqis if the US policies not changed by taking in consideration seriously working towards building strong Iraqi forces able to keep the orders. If they are not doing so it means only one thing, that they like to stay as occupier and in this situation they should expect more Iraqis moving towards resistance which is mounting up now.

The USA got the power but not the brain to use this power. The USA policy in Iraq if continued as it is they will be the first to regret it for not so long.

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