Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Gordon Brown and Iraq: Does he follow GWB blindly like TB?

There are some indications that the British policies in Iraq will change after Gordon Brown takes over from the stepped aside PM Tony Blair. In the last few weeks the resistance to the British forces in Basrah mounted up and expected to increase steadily until either they pull out or their government changed its blindly arrogant policies. GB indicated that he will concentrate on the rebuilding, services, helping Iraq to stand again such as reducing unemployment & reconstructions. This is sound good because it identified the main problems. However it is too soon to assume that GB will dislodge himself from the blind follow of George W Bush that TB used to do.

If the British government would like to help the Iraqis they should show this by actions on the ground and not acts and words alone. It is a good opportunity with the change from TB to GB to have a new fresh start and to show its effects on the grounds. Basrah is one of the best places that enjoying better security however the life of its people much worse than during the time of Saddam Hussein. Many times the British Forces attacked the Iraqi police stations and killed many innocent Iraqis while controlling the main airport building and SH Palaces and other bases. We know that the British troops are not arrogant as the American but there are a lot of human rights breaches recorded against them during the occupation since 2003.

British government can help not only in rebuilding and services in the South but they can help much more in establishing security in Iraq by different ways including helping the Iraqi forces, arranging negotiations and dialogue between the different factions including the resistance groups and many much more that they can do with their experience in such things.

TB followed GWB blindly and cost him his position and escalation of the resistance against the British troops and GB should learn the lesson and make more efforts to repair what TB damaged. One of the main things that GB may be able to do is to help the Iraqis to get security, peace and reconstruction. Once these achieved it will be easy for the British and the other forces to pull back from Iraq. Other than this more losses will happen from both sides and more fundamentalists and militants will graduate and exported out side Iraq and we had many examples such as in Lebanon now.

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