Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Tony Blair Government and Iraq

There is no doubt that the Labour government lead by TB had few domestic achievements for the UK and too many failures. We are not going to discuss the internal issues of TB’s government but will point out into these in relation to its foreign policies especially about Iraq.

The fact that is Britain always follows the USA in its foreign polices especially when the matter related to Iraq. However Tony Blair (TB) was not more than blindly following George W Bush and even more than that to GWB predecessor Bill Clinton. During the barbaric years of the UN sanction on Iraq more than one million Iraqis have been killed from lack of medicine and food, most of them were children. The illegal use of depleted uranium in the 1991 war against Iraq by GWB the father increased the number of cases of cancers and congenital anomalies especially in the southern areas. During the UN sanction which was supported by the UK and USA chemotherapy and supportive medicine were not reaching Iraq. Mortality rates among cancer patients increase substantially.

The Iraqis; generations after generation; should never forget the years of sanctions which followed a dirty war destroyed it’s infra structures and services. Those who were involved in the war and the sanction are and will remain responsible for killing large number of innocent Iraqis. There is no single doubt at all; that TB government was one of the top who were responsible for that. We will not discuss the detail of this here neither the details of the judgment that the criminals will get during the Day of Judgment as that is going to be so complicated. However during that day is going to be too many issues that those top officials will carry on there burden from killing to the simplest hurt affecting a person because of their wars and dirty sanctions. We report here our own hurt from the UN sanction which was supported by TB and Bill Clinton in many scales but leaving details to be reveled in front of God when these criminals are going to be chained waiting their judgments and what they deserve from punishment for ever by God. We also report this here for the next generation to read it may be thousand of years to come. Over all one of those who shared Iraqi blood in their hands is TB who is spending his last few days in office to exit with such blood in his hands especially during the years of sanction which the Iraqis will never ever forget at all.

One thing to mention here is the division that TB created inside his own society by victimizing the Muslim’s community inside the UK and creating a police state against this large and important community in the UK. There is no doubt that the Muslims in the UK are felling that they are prejudiced especially since the London bombing. On the other hand it is so wrong to attribute these bombing into one single reason which is the war against Iraq without studying the whole issues of Britain Muslims and the pressure, inequalities, frustrations and discrimination that they exposed to by the government, the police and other offices. The Iraqi issue was just the trigger for ongoing pressure and frustration and discrimination against the Muslims in the UK. If the UK government likes to solve these issues they will not be able to do so by creating more pressures and discriminations or policing state but by understanding the real causes and solving the injustice. To push some one to kill himself so as he may kill the others needs some time of pressures, injustice and harms against that individual or his own community. These factors are the one that TB should study and try to solve and not to put more pressures and policing against the Muslims inside the UK. The latter will create more frustration and more division and so it will be more dangerous and not compatible with a democratic society at all. TB of course pushed the Muslims in the UK into more pressure and his government has to do a lot to correct this which is never happening yet.

In summary therefore TB responsible for destroying Iraq through out his time as PM, Victimizing his won UK Muslims, trying to create a police state in the UK especially against Muslims and sending British troops at least against the will of some of his own people. In a democratic state like the UK these are so damaging and disturbing issues and with no doubts affecting the basic and simple human rights.

As TB is leaving the office in the UK soon; he will remain responsible for his action in Iraq since the time of sanction until now and for all the consequences following that in the UK especially the campaign against the British Muslims.

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