Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Decline and failure of the American Empire

It is a natural process and general law of principles through out the history that super-powers or empires will get a peak level then for many reasons they decline. Every thing is subject to the Law of Change and nothing last for ever. The declining process may take many years or it could happen overnight like what happened to the previous USSR. All the previous empires (Roman, Arab, Persian, Othman, Spain, Chinese, British, Italian, and Soviet Union) were created with presumed viability for ever as if these empires at its time were an end of the history through a new reality. Reality however put an end to these empires’ projects.

The American states are no exception and it is very clear that the decline process of America is just started now or at least it is the coming decline. However it will take some time to show the first manifestation of such decline. Indeed the American peaked level has been achieved long time ago and no space left for more upward surge. It is time for decline that is already started. The big downward surge will be seen as soon as a triggering factor is stimulated.

There are many factors which may lead to declining of the empires or superpowers such as internal lack of morals & values, social problems, poverty, deteriorating economy, disintegrations, increasing number of external enemies, exhausted oneself in fighting or trying to control disruptive forces, and many other factors. Indeed most of these factors are existed within the present status and structure of the USA.

Since the creation of the USA the social structure based on inequality, racial discriminations, lack of dignity for many workers, gang leaders, and struggle to keep law and order. The USA especially after the decline of the Soviet Union indulged in too much military works and the next which is obvious in the near future is the war with Iran. The USA plan to attack Iran is ready and only awaiting the D-day to implement it. Iran is wrong if it laid back on assumptions that the USA will not strike them. However the Iranians are prepared to some extent for retaliations but this may be limited to the regional USA troops and not easily reaching the USA soils. The war with Iran might be the triggering factor for the spiral decline of the USA. It may even be a humiliation decline starting in the Gulf region.

The decline of empires had no single factor but one may act as the triggering factor. One of the most triggering factors for the fall of the USA is its involvement in fighting many enemies in many parts of the worlds. The USA enemies are getting more and it is not learning from its mistakes. Although the USA got power but has no good brain. The USA easily create enemies but very difficult to make friends. Even if she got friends it is based on its own interests and once these interests finished it can turn back on its own friends as enemies. Therefore no one could trust America easily. There are many American products which started as good and it is on extreme decline now with preferential given to the Asian, Japanese and Chinese products. Competition is getting higher and America is losing a lot. Incidents similar to the shooting of the university students last month in the USA may get larger and bigger.

The primary cause of fall of Roman Empire is Constutio Antoniana and the loss of the citizenship as an imperial bond. In the American example factors existed in the Roman Empire prior to its fall are there and growing up. Indeed as with many other Empires many people will fell happy for an arrogant Empire to fall and many others will suffer a lot because they linked themselves with that empire in a negative way. Examples of the links to the USA Empire which is continue declining too is the UK. Indeed it is declining farther into at least 3 states with Scotland may become an independent state soon to decide its own fate and policies.

Once the USA fall all its allies will get down even quicker than its won fall. This may bee seen so soon if the USA using its power alone rather than its brain. Power without brain will lead to a glide that can lead to a sliding scale fall.

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