Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

George W Bush an Evil name for Iraq

GWB the father killed thousands of Iraqis during the war in 1991 followed by killing millions of Iraqis during the most barbaric sanction in the history of mankind for more than 12 years. He destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq and left Saddam and the sanction on it.

GWB the son thought that he will do a quick war to change the Middle East into an American dominated region by converting Iraq not into democratic state (the declared aim) but a protectorate by the US-British control. The best example for this is the dismantling of the Iraqi army by the x-American governor in Iraq Paul Bremer and leaving it for more than 4 years with scouts like boys with basic arms less than the terrorists’ arms.

Here in Iraq initially some of people believed GWB and allowed him a chance to see what will happen in Iraq from the point of view of rebuilding, economical and political progression. However the last 4 years proved exactly the reverse and it is now extremely difficult for most of the people to trust any thing said by the USA. We are after facts on the grounds and not theories.

GWB destroyed not only Iraq but the consequences will fire back on everywhere; regional and international. Soon this will be realized and the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq is the best example.

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