Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi horrors under the American-British occupation

Until today and during the month of May 2007 alone the number of unknown bodies found in the streets of Baghdad alone reached more than 600. Every month and since the invasion in 2003 tens of thousands of Iraqis killed by various ways including unknown bodies discovered in many parts of Iraq with signs of tortures, mutilations and shooting. Families who missed their beloved ones are searching for them in hospitals and police stations first. At the end they are queuing daily at the mortuaries of various hospitals in Baghdad hoping to find the bodies of their sons or daughters.

Under the American-British occupation of Iraq horror and destructions is everywhere and nothing like this happening in any other country since the invasions of the Nazis of other parts of Europe.

Every thing in Iraq is destroying continuously. Its wealth of oil and gas plundered. Its culture destroyed. The people of Iraq exposed into a barbaric war from everywhere and under constant insecurity with death may come to every single one at any moment. Most of them are without work. Thousands of the intellectuals have been killed by unknown agents over the last 4 years. Deaths, killing, assassinations, destructions, plunders, terrorism, and every horrified thing are all what the Iraqis having under the occupation.

The US and Iranian meeting today on the level of the Ambassadors in Baghdad is nothing other than throwing dust in the eyes. Both Iran and USA has interests and the Iraqis are paying the heavy price since the revolution of Khomeini in 1979 until now.

We know that if America is going to attack Iran this will not happen from Iraq but from other parts of the Gulf and from its own aircraft carriers however Iran is alarmed from the USA existence in Iraq. From today meeting we feel that the conflict between Iran and the USA is of no doubt coming and may be imminent.

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