Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq should revolt against the existed misery

More than 4 years since the invasion of Iraq and the fall of the regime elapsed yet the situation are getting worse every single day. Opposite to what was declared at the beginning of the war that Iraq is going to become a model for the Middle East; it ended to be a country full with lawlessness, assassinations, killings, terrorism, deterioration in every single service, corruptions, stealing its wealth, and many horrors and destructions.

All the misery of what is happening in Iraq can not be seen separately from the invading forces. It is not only occurring under their direct vision but some are inflicted by them as what happened in Basrah by the British Forces against the Iraqi Police Stations before and the American Forces several times in many cities. On the other hand Iraq remained very weak country from the point of view of the army and the security forces. This can only be seen as a deliberate by the USA and its main supporter the UK.

The Iraqis do fear nothing now as most of them are unemployed, have no services, can be killed at any moment from the lack of security. We in Iraq say ‘The soaked person fears not from rain’ and we are soaked with death and misery for long time. It is therefore time to revolt against all the issues and the occupation which created nothing but misery and terrorism. Let be a revolt from South to North and East to West. There is nothing to loss and if we are dying let every one in our land die with us from the government to the occupying forces and the terrorists.

The time is running against us and let it run against the others as well.

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