Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

America, Britain and their Allies destroyed Iraq

The destruction of Iraq means killing not only millions of its citizens since the Iran-Iraq war until now but destroying its wealth and structures for many generations to come.

After the Iranian revolution 1979 in which the strongest poppet for the West (The Shah government) toppled by the Iranians, the USA and the West in general pushed Saddam Hussein and supplied him with Weapons to invade Iran. On the same time they kept blind eyes and given green light for him to tortures, kills, oppress and expel many innocent Iraqis. When that war finished George W Bush the father killed millions of Iraqis and destroyed its infrastructures. This was to be followed by the most criminal act in the history of mankind which is the Holocaust of the sanction for 12 years and the use of depleted uranium in that war which killed many other millions. The sanction and many other attacks were done by Bill Clinton and some to cover his scandals. During all this time of criminal acts against the Iraqis and their country the UK governments were fully responsible for the blind and full support to the USA against Iraq.

Now and after all that destruction including the last war by GWB the son the occupiers are inflicting incurable and damage which will never be rectified so easily for many years to come. Iraq is now like a damage ship and if it is going to sunk it should pull with it all those who destroy it especially the occupiers and their allies.

We wrote this for the history and for many thousands of years to come so as the next generations may realize the damage that the arrogant inflicted for our people.

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