Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The USA occupation of Iraq should end

More than 4 years elapsed since the US-British occupation of Iraq yet the country is passing from worse to worst. Iraq wealth from oil and other revenues exposed into plunders from the occupiers and the corrupted officials.

The lack of security became the main hurdle towards rebuilding of services and the devastated economy by the wars and the Barbaric UN sanction since 1991. The US policies following the 2003 war and the invasion of the country were all failed or the worst may be intentional. Iraq became the best place for the terrorist networks from Al-Qaeda. Its own intellectuals, doctors, professors and educated professionals have been targeted and hundreds of them killed or left the country since the GWB war in 2003 and some left since the GWB the father war in 1991 followed by the wars of Bill Clinton to cover his scandals. Iraq became the country of death and killing yet got no real army, or police forces that are able to protect the internal not to mention the external threats.

The situation is so dangerous in and it will never be solved without very strong Iraqi army and security and a schedule for withdrawal of the US and British troops sooner rather than latter. On the other hand America should solve its problems with Iran by diplomatic means and should accept a nuclear Iran and not to use its troops or forces in Iraq to escalate the situation in that country. It is a major mistake if they ignore this issue or try to enter into a war with Iran. The USA will then get a conflict that will never end without its humiliation in the Gulf region once and forever. Iran will make the Gulf a graveyard for the USA warships and make it forbidden for the USA and its allies in the future. Not only that but it may lead to a spiral fall down of the USA empire which will happen at some time but such conflict will be the trigger for the USA descend. Iraq therefore is a strategic aim for every one and its security and progress towards rebuilding are the corner stones for settled region and world. Things in Iraq are now getting into a boiling point which will never tolerate more and it may explode at any moment towards all directions.

It is shame on the US and other occupiers to walk patrolling the streets seeing the suffering of the Iraqi children from the wars and other consequences yet their governments are doing no real and effective actions towards improvements of the situations in Iraq. If there are some steps these are few, weak, not effective and hindered by many obstacles that the occupiers impose.

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