Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Eid return back and Iraq under the occupiers recklessness

Eid Alfatar is the celebration of the end of Ramadhan month. This is the 6th year after the occupation of Iraq by the American mercenary invaders and their tails. These mercenaries are still killing and terrorizing the Iraqi civilians daily with no exceptions. On the eve of Eid the evil war planes of the American forces occupying Iraq attacked some villages in Althrthar region killing a wounded children and civilians. As always these forces explained that their attacks are targeting Al-qaeda terrorists. Indeed Alqaeda was only expelled from Alramadi city by its own people when they decided to do so and not by the mercenary forces of America and its tails.

America is deceiving its own people and the others about its war against terror. This is not a war against terror but a new imperialism to control the world especially the Arab and Islamic countries and to divide them into small states. This was so clear from the unbind resolution of the American congress.

Now and as things became so clear for all the Iraqis who are now suffering from lack of services, infectious diseases, terrorism both from the occupiers and Alqaeda, corruptions, no reconstruction of what was damaged before, weak army and forces, high unemployment and poverty, and every single misery produced by the wars, sanction, and occupation, as all these become very clear there is no way but to resist the occupiers by all means.

The American occupation should end or expelled. This is the only way for Iraq to improve.

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