Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American-British destruction of Iraq

The destruction of Iraq by America and its allies especially the British governments started long time ago. The existed occupation since 2003 of Iraq and ongoing war and killing against its people by the above occupiers and war criminals is one chain of the whole destruction.

The American destruction of Iraq started to show itself since 1979 when the American government pushed and helped Saddam to commit war with Iran then helped both side to continue on that war. Millions were killed and huge destruction occurred for 8 years.

This was then followed by George Bush the father war after they gave the green light for Saddam to take Kuwait. GWB killed at least million Iraqi by his war which was followed by the sanction and the atrocities of the UN inspector teams who were nothing but spies. America used depleted uranium which increased the cancer rates in Iraqis. This was followed by preventing the Iraqis to buy anti-cancer treatment while Saddam was enjoying better life and the UN personnel making profits from the oil for food program. About one million Iraqi children killed and once Madeline Albright asked about it and she replied that this is OK! The killing of Iraqis continued by Bill Clinton who is killed thousands of Iraqis via attacks and sanction continuation.

Now George Bush the son with his allies especially Tony Blair and his British government washed their hands day and night with the blood of the Iraqi innocent children. They destroyed Iraq to make it to go back hundreds of years.

The history will never forgive those who have Iraqi blood in their hands and they will face sever punishment and judgment by Allah on the day of judgments. There is no doubt they will dwell in the fire hell for ever.

Some of the American and their allies’ atrocities in Iraq.

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Some of those who directly or indirectly involved in killing millions of Iraqis and destroying their country. For them the history got no mercy at all and Allah's wrath is so strong in this life and the hereafter.

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