Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi Model justifying the regional countries to super-arm

The recent statement of President Putin of Russia about Iraq and the barbaric war against its people touched very much a sensitive and deep nerve in the American administration. There are two main issues here. The oil and the right of the other countries to arm themselves so as what happened to Iraq should not happen to them.

President Putin in one of his answers told that he thanks God that Russia got the power to defend itself not like Iraq which was weakened by wars and sanction then was invaded and invaders ragged a war against its powerless people which is killing them until now. There are a lot of meanings in this statement. One of the most important is the right of the regional countries, to arm themselves to the highest possible way needed. In fact no one in the region would like a model like Iraq to happen to them. Iraq is not a model and never going to be so neither to the people nor to the regimes. The model is going to be any other country in the region which is going to produce Nuclear Weapons to protect itself. No one may blame them if they do so to avoid becoming like Iraq which become a place for the garbage of the American mercenaries and their security forces as well as the other spies and world intelligence agencies plus the corruption.

Iran certainly doesn’t like to become another Iraq and hence they will definitely going to produce the Nuclear Weapons to defend themselves against any evil occupation. Not only Iran but Syria may try to get such weapons from somewhere else. Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Egypt are not immune and they may do the same. However the first is going to be Iran and may be so soon to declare its nuclear capabilities. George W Bush said few days ago that if Iran produced such weapons then a third world war will happen. He means a widespread war which means West against East or a war against Muslims. But GWB forgot that the war and destruction of Iraq is the real cause which made the people in the area to try to get every single destructive weapon to protect themselves as it was rightly pointed by President Putin!

After 4 years of the invasion occupation and Iraq is still dying under the devilish occupation and its war machine and mercenaries. It is therefore indisputable for the other countries to produce WMD to protect itself.

Lastly the oil of Iraq is indeed looted since 2003 and it is very well known how, who and why is that? In addition the corruption that the USA facilitating in Iraq is just part of this systematic looting of the Iraqi wealth. President Putin is right.

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