Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American War & Occupation in Iraq creating mercenary terrorists

The American atrocities and their allied countries are going to put the world in a new danger similar to their action in Afghanistan when they created the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

This time the Americans are creating several groups of well trained-to kill mercenaries both in their army and the (what is called the security forces) like Black Water and the other more than 100 groups working in Iraq now. In actual fact these forces are not security keeping forces because they are like germs which protect itself by attacking the others. They flourish and exist when there is a lack of security in Iraq. This is why they themselves are much involved in creating insecurity, killing, attacks, and assassinations in addition to helping the terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda to stay operational and forceful in Iraq. By this way they can keep their jobs so as to live on the blood of the innocent people like vampires.

America is recruiting these mercenaries who terrorise the innocent people in Iraq from different countries mainly from Latin America, but also from Africa, Europe and Russian countries. It is not only that but these mercenaries are put above the law not of Iraq only but the law of the USA as well. No one can put them in trials or judge them apart from the jungle rules of their own companies. There are much evidence about the link between these reckless killers and the insecurity in Iraq as we explained above.

The people suffered from them a lot and knew that they killed many innocents. The same situation which was in Faluja in 2003 exists in Iraq everywhere now. The people hate to see these mercenaries and the occupiers over their land. In actual fact the whole occupation should come to an end sooner or they face more consequences.

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