Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqis are happy in Basrah for British occupiers to leave

The centre of Basrah city which is the main port for Iraq is now more stable and the people stayed for long hours at night after the withdrawal of the occupiers from their city.

In the past they people used to fall victims when the resistance attacks the occupiers troops who are patrolling the city centre. In a survey done recently the people expressed great happiness not to see a foreign soldiers occupying and patrolling their city. Some of them said let these occupiers go back to their own country better for them. However some expressed deep concerns that these occupying troops are still exist in other parts of the city other than the centre.

Some citizens said that let Gordon Brown take all his soldiers back and better for him not to increase the taxes on his people that he did since he took over from Tony Blair. By increasing taxes and changing pays in most of the sectors in the UK such as the dissolving the limited companies and pay by dividends and so on, GB is nailing the last nail in the coffin of the Labour party for the next election. Not only this but are the deterioration in his country Educations, Health system and other services. People here in Basrah are not expecting any kind of help from a person like GB who is creating burdens on his own people by taxes and sending their troops abroad to occupy other countries.

Basrah is better without the British troops and Iraq is better without the American troops. Pull them over and we do NOT want them.

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