Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The US mercenary occupier's barbaric act in Baghdad today

Early morning today the barbaric uncivilized occupying forces of the American mercenaries attacked the city of Sadar by air raids. Around 5.45 AM the occupying barbaric and terrorists’ forces of George W Bush (the killer) attacked civilian area in Sadr city killing at least 12 and wounding more than 40. Most of the victims were women and children inside their homes. Even animals like sheep’s didn’t escape the barbaric attacks.

Few days ago the same mercenaries attacked Al-Tharthar area killing 24 and wounding many others. Most of the wounded were disabled now. This attack happened on the last day of Ramadhan just before the innocent people break their fasting. The attack was by air followed by a raid in which the US occupying forces gathered men and executed them.

The occupiers inscribed on themselves to be killed by the Iraqi resistance. All Iraqis should indeed resist the mercenaries occupying and stealing their country. The barbaric occupiers killing us so let all the Iraqis kill them by arranging gorilla wars and operational military attacks to inflict as much damage as possible in the barbaric occupiers until they go out of our country or face the consequences of their own atrocities.

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