Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

American war in Iraq is against Islam and Muslims

America is leading a war against Islam and Muslims and not terror and terrorists. The condition which was created in Iraq by sending our country back to more 100 years without basic services and almost complete failure of development in every single aspect of life is the best example of the occupiers intention for the Islam and Muslims.

The latest in the chain of the atrocities and recklessness of the occupiers is the invasion of North of Iraq by the Turkish troops. It is the responsibility of the occupiers to defend the country against outside attacks.

The Iraqis (Sunni and Shia) should resist the occupiers by all means and they know how and where and when to find and fight them.

No to the occupiers in Iraq and the occupation should go to the hell soon.

The occupiers are the cause of the terrorism and the terrorists in Iraq.

The security companies help the terrorists and the insecurity in Iraq just to stay having their jobs in our country. So the Iraqi resistance knows what to do next.

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