Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The security file in Karbala changed nothing about the occupation

The US occupying forces handed over the security file of the city of Karbala to the Iraqi authorities in that city today. Karbala is about 120 KM south east Baghdad. It is one of the holy cities for Muslims all over the world in view of the tomb of Imam Hussein who is the grand son of Prophet Muhammad (peace be up on them).

The responsible US general attended the ceremony of the hand over as well as the PM of Iraq Nori Almaliki. It was so obvious from the show of the Iraqi forces during the ceremony that the US occupying forces prevented the Iraqis from achieving well-equipped and well-trained forces. It is so shame on them to do so. Indeed the most shameful thing is to occupy a country like Iraq and destroying it while the world supposes to live in a more civilized time in the year 2007!

More over the US general told the governor of Karbala Akeel El-Khazaali that they are not so far from him and their base is just few miles away! The Iraqis do NOT want to see the occupiers such as the US and British forces in their land. The occupation of Iraq resulted in nothing but terrorism, death, destruction and insecurity. It led the country into chaos and increased the agony and pain of its people. The occupation should end soon and the occupiers go back to their country. They should leave our country for our people. Only then we are happy to have a mutual and respectful relation with them but not as arrogant occupiers.

Iraq under the occupation failed to achieve any progress rather it regressed hundred of years back in every single aspect of life. The Iraqis therefore hate to see the occupiers walking safely in their land while the Iraqis themselves were killed by the terrorists and the occupiers and their security companies.

Death and hell are to the occupation and the occupiers.

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