Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Iraqi Citizens calls for President Bush to stop the terrorists

Following the suicidal terrorist attacks in Hilla and Mosel against the Shiites by Jordanian terrorists and after their families carried out bridal ceremony large demonstrations and protests carried out in many parts of Iraq.

Part of the calls during the demonstrations and by phone calls to the TV channels were from Iraqi citizens directed to President George Bush. Since these calls were in Arabic and many of the outside media not covering it we thought it is wise to mention it here in this section hopefully it will reach President Bush.

Some of those Iraqis who called are relatives or friends of the victims in Hilla.

They would like to point out to President Bush about the ceremony and the declaration of the responsibility of the Jordanian Islamists among the Wahabi and Salafi groups for killing their beloved ones. The brother of the Jordanian terrorist in a letter to the media described the Iraqi Shiites as pro-American and he said; these Pro-American, the American and Jewish are alike and have to be killed. In stead of apologizing to the Iraqi people he insisted about killing them and felt proud about his brother.

Jordan has not done enough to prevent terrorists. The Iraqis asked that President Bush should hold these states and their governments responsible for their citizens and they should take every possible effort to stop terrorism and dictatorships in their lands. If this is not happening in Jordan and Saudi Arabia the terrorism will not end.

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