Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Bashar Asad (Syria President) Speech

BA the Syrian president brought no thing new at all about the issue of peace with Israel. He confirmed that the peace process is to stay on standstill for the time being.

About Iraq BA denied any involvement in the situation about the terrorists' activities. He said there are no Syrians in Iraq and they don't know those (Syrian and other Arabs) who confessed lately about their relation to Syrians intelligence systems. He said that if Iraq is not agreed about the constitution then this will mean civil war! He compared the Syrian border with Iraq with the borders between the USA and Mexico. He said that the USA need from Syria to watch its border yet the USA is unable to keep its border with Mexico!

BA talk about Iraq is very unhelpful indeed. It would have been better for him to tell the truth and make some movement forward to help in preventing more interference in Iraq. He indeed by his denials make it clear that Syria will not end its support for the terrorists and in another words it is a call for the insurgents to relax and by using Syria as a base for their activities. He blamed the US side as well as the Iraq side that they failed to provide him with information about the names and the sites that the insurgents uses inside Syria. He described this as an unhelpful.
In actual fact the only truth that he mentioned in his part regarding Iraq is that they were against the war against Saddam regime! He pointed out that the USA has failed in Iraq.

About Lebanon he blamed the media to distort Syrian image about this subject. He was laughing at some of these reports and mocked them! He described the death of Arafat as an (assassination)! He also considered 1559 UN resolution as an illegal especially in regards to the resistance and settlement issues. He said that Hariri's assassination has been used against Syria however he confessed that Syria did some mistakes in Lebanon but gave no details. He described some of the Lebanese politicians as traders of politics.

He said Syria is the only one which is responsible for its presence in Lebanon and accused again the media by looking to the situation from one angle. He described some of the Lebanese as treacheries. He said he will pull his troops fully from Lebanon until Bakaa then the Syrian borders however he has not said when this will happen.

BA said that the Syrian interest in Lebanon will not end by pulling the troops.

It is interesting that he predicted the world condemnation about his speech to happen immediate after he finished. He said they will say it is not enough so as we tell them it is not enough and mocked about it!

In summary no thing new at all about peace process with Israel, Iraq, and no details about Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon about when to pull, however he predicted that Lebanon may do a peace deal with Israel which may lead to the down fall of the Lebanon government by popular revolt!

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