Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Demonstrations continued in Hilla

On the same time of showing recent pictures of the terrorist Jordanian Abo Massab Zarqawi the circle becomes very narrow around him.
He beheaded many Iraqis as well as Americans and others. His followers called him (Al-Thabah) which means the butcher or the slaughterer! No surprise that these criminals glorifying this term and he likes it!

There are some reports indicating that Mohammad Al-Ahmed a previous member of Saddam regime who is in Syria with others are now trying to reorganise, finance and leads the terrorist groups which suffered a lot lately.

The weak and irresponsible parties are unable to form coalition government. This has led to a vacuum and a sort of victory and encouragement at least temporarily for the terrorists. The insistence of Iyad Alawi to continue as the PM, the irresponsible attitude and conditions of the Kurdish parties and the weakness of the United Iraqi Alliance makes the formation of the new interim government very difficult.

The Kurdish as well as the UIA should agree to the agreeable and postpone the other issues for sub-committees to discuss them.

In Hilla there is thousands of demonstration every day against the terrorist attack which killed more than 150 Iraqis. It is so surprising that the media are not covering it. The people of Hilla threatened to go into civil disobedience if their conditions about punishing the negligent and bring the criminals for justice is not met.

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