Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Democracy Revolution in the Middle East started

The spark ignited and the big ball started to role. The choices for the late runners are limited.

In 1990s the democracy in East Europe started in one place and spread like the electrical current to other places so quickly. Not so late after that the world discovered that the parts which remained under the totalitarian role represent the evil and danger which may lead to world catastrophe. The international community then acted to exterminate them.

Now the rulers in the ME are facing the same thing which happened in the East Europe. The changes are started and its an inevitable.

Lebanon protests remained us about Poland in 1980s. One day only in Beirut resulted in the resignation of the pro-Syrian government. The protests will continue until Syrian troops exit out of Lebanon and full democracy reinstated.

In Egypt democracy movement started. Today the people started to go to streets asking for full democracy. Few months ago such thing was not usual and it may be crushed.

Totalitarian rulers are common in Arab world if not all of them. The time is for changes. Polishing is hypocritical and no one may be able to hide it. Every thing is now clear and under the sun in the small village.

Democracy is just started in the Middle East and no one can stop it by killing the Iraqis here and there.

Polishing is not enough. Those who harbor in terrorist organizations &/or support terrorist networks and cells inside neighbouring countries should end it up immediately. Giving up part of these terrorist activities by secret negotiations is not enough.

Democracy means the people elect their leaders from multi-party election and free to scrutinize them. It is not putting a polish by the rulers to hide the rust.

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