Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Head of the Terrorism

Hila and several other Iraqi cities witnessed big demonstrations for the last few days against the terrorist attacks after the bridal ceremony carried out for one of the terrorists from Jordan. Raaed Mansor Al-Bana a Jordanian from Palestinian origin was one of two Jordanian terrorists who has carried out a suicidal attack in Hilla resulted in killing and wounding more than 300 Iraqi civilians. The terrorist's family in Salt city in Jordan received congratulations from several other Jordanians in a festival ceremony carried out at their home and reported with a (glory) in a Jordanian newspaper which was visited by their King!

The Iraqi protestors burned today the Jordanian flags and the pictures of Abdalla the Jordanian king. The Relatives of the victims demanded compensations for the damages resulted from the attack and from the celebration.

The family of the thug received a call from a Saudi terrorist who congratulates them about his martyr! The Jordanian thug was in a visit to Saudi Arabia before his suicidal attack.

Saudi Arabia fooled every one including the USA about false anti-terrorist attitude yet the head of terror is from the ideology of Wahabism which is there. The doctrine of Wahabism and Salafism with its Sheikhs who issue fatwas to kill and hate has octopus arms extended into other states like Jordan and Syria and far inside the West and the USA. Salafism and Wahabism are the main two doctrines of the Jordanian Islamists. The Jordanian King and his government should have done at least an investigation and prosecute the criminals and stop the terrorists.

The USA in its war against terror in the mountains of Afghanistan is like some one who wants to kill a snake by holding its tail. Soon the head will jump from an oil container and bite his arm or face. Though the bite is tiny but the whole body will die from the poison.

If the terrorist have to end, the ideology of hate and killing of Wahabism and salafism should be plucked out. Democracy and freedom are two major tools without exception!

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