Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Terrorists attacks Intensified in Iraq

More bodies have been found in the area called the triangle of death south of Baghdad and in the north close to the Syrian border in Al-Qaaem city. More than 90 bodies some with out heads for women; children and men have been found today. At least 30 bodies haven found in a mass grave in Ramadi believed to be killed from near range a week ago.

In a suicidal attack two thugs exploded their devilish filthy bodies by using rubbish collecting truck killing civilians and wounded others in Baghdad near Sedeer Hotel.

Iraqi police have been killed yesterday by a booby-trapped body south Baghdad. Also the Minister of Planning has been targeted and two of his body guards killed. Another official from the Ministry of Interior killed today. Too many other attacks happened today from Basrah in the south to Mosel in the north!

The terrorist attacks seriously intensified in the last few weeks while the parties have failed to form coalition which may lead the new government. The Kurdish parties played a major part in the delay by stipulating their own agenda about Kurkuk and the higher positions. A delay in the formation of the interim government is only serving the terrorists and those who refused the democratic election and freedom in Iraq and Middle East. Stipulation during such time is not on the benefit of the Iraqis.

The first step that the new government is needed urgently for is the security issue. The present government has failed to solve this issue. There is strong evidence that the terrorists already penetrated all the offices in the present government. Indeed the controls of many areas are in the hand of the terrorists and not the state during the day time and many others during the night time. The Iraqi police have arrested an officer in the Iraqi Police in Mosel who confessed that he beheaded many civilians and killed others as well as planned many terrorist attacks.

On the other hands the Iraqi TV has shown one of the terrorists who achieved a title of Amer after many 12 beheadings. He confessed that he belongs to the Salafi/Wahabi groups of Zarqawi. He said that he was Imam of a Salafi Mosque and in addition to the killings that he commit he used to sexually-abuse young individuals and children inside his Mosque! He confessed that he is a sodomite.

The only solution for the security issue is to get strong government and to handover the security 100% to the Iraqis without interferences from the coalition troops but support if needed. Strong justice and immediate punishment are needed.

Immediate justice is needed!
Immediate justice is needed!
Immediate justice is needed!
Immediate justice is needed!

Hanging the criminals is the best way to deter more terrorism!

Syrians Call for Democracy!

The Syrian Human Right and other oppositions and organization called the Syrians for join demonstrations and strike on Thursday against the Emergency Law which is implemented for more than 42 years until now by the one party state. They called for radical and immediate changes towards freedom and democracy. The government in Syria is in a very difficult situation indeed.

On this time President GW Bush called the Middle East leaders that the time and changes are passing quickly and ME leaders have to act accordingly for the benefit of their people. We like to send a word to GWB by telling him; Look Mr President; your support for democracy and freedom will change the old-known notion about America in ME. This will turn the table on those who propagate such notion. If the people see America supporting their needs for freedom and democracy, the notion of hate will turn upside down and change into respect and friendship. You are moving in the right direction.

God bless Iraq and America!

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