Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Ugly Crimes against the Iraqi Shiites!

Among the beheaded bodies found in the triangle of death (Latyifyiah, Yosfiyah & Mahmodyiah) south of Baghdad were two young children!

Children beheading is something beyond any imagination at all! We got nothing to describe this and we are unable to say any comments however will leave it for you to see if you can find a way in any language to describe this crime. Can any one imagine a child beheading and by what kind of criminals and what punishment the criminals of such type deserve?

On another ugly crime carried few hours ago in Mosel against Shiite funeral by a suicidal thug. It resulted in the death of until now 55 and wounded more than that number. The funeral was done in a Mosque for a dead person relative of a Shiite Professor in the University of Mosel. Among the killed were also Sunnis and Christians who came to pay tribute for their colleague in the University. Can any one again imagine an attack by suicidal against a funeral?

What Iraq needs is a law of punishment (a justice). It needs gallows for such criminals. Otherwise the terrorism will go sky high rocket.

Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!
Hang the criminals!

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