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Changes are Inevitable in Middle East

On the 9/3/2003 the most tyrant regime in the history of Iraq and the region finished however the Middle East still full with dictators of different kinds. For many years these dictators used many ways to submit the people so as to continue in power. One of the most common ways was the issue of Palestine. The other ways were related to anti-Western or anti-American ideology which was supported to some extent by the USSR before. Some governments were so hypocritical by having pro-Western attitude while allowing anti-Western ideology to flourish like in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

When the idol of the Iraqi tyrant regime falls these dictators looked to their chairs to see whether they are still safe to recline or not! They sensed the real danger. Some of them surrendered and gave up early however not to its won suppressed people but to the enemy that he created or the enemy himself created! The best example this kind is the Libyan regime. In one night the regime turned upside down however the problem is not yet over. The calls for democracy and freedom in Iraq which had its first free election two months ago was the magic button which switched on many other buttons at one time. The Middle East dictators tried and trying their best to convince their people that the democracy is not working in Iraq.

They pushed their dogs to kill the Iraqis under the cover of Jihad and resistance against the infidels. On the same time they told their people; look to the American democracy in Iraq it brought none but chaos and Abo-Ghraeb scandal. They used the Mullahs and their Fatwa to enhance this. They tried all their resources and their intelligent services to kill the Iraqi election. In stead the hammer falls on their heads when the Iraqis challenged their terrors and showed the world that in spite of long years of suppression they did it in a civilized way.

After the election many of those who opposed the war on Saddam took different views like Walied Jonbolat in Lebanon. More important are the people who started to protest about freedom and democracy like in Egypt which released the leader of Al-Ghad (tomorrow) party who announced that he will run for the presidency election. On the same time Hosseni Mubarak announced some reforms.

Jordan got a dictator government with pro-west relation however incubate terrorist networks which played major role in Iraq as well as in other countries terror.
The Jordanian opposition leader Abd Al-Ellah Al-Moala who lives in the USA stated recently that the Jordanian King and his government are hypocritical by allowing the extremist to lead terrorists' attacks outside Jordan like in Iraq yet calling for stability and freedom. He stated that there are evidence that the Jordanian government support terrorists to go to launch Jihad there. He added that there are no freedom and democracy in Jordan and its government fear from the new democratic changes in Iraq to succeed so it may then spread there.

Saudi Arabia which is the major country supplies not only terrorists but the main source of the ideology of Wahabism and Salafism which export hate and killing to others. If there is one bridal ceremony for a suicidal thug from Jordan in Saudi Arabia there are many. The 26 Saudi Sheikhs fatwa to kill the Iraqis and the USA soldiers in Iraq is a very well known which pushed hundreds of youths from all over the worlds especially from Arabs to go to Iraq for Jihad. The Saudi attitude is that they don't like to see terrorist attacks inside their country however they support UBL and Zarqawi openly as Mullahs and people and inside their mosques. The Saudi role of supporting the terrorists is far more than an article. There is no democracy or freedom and they tried to paint themselves in the last municipals election in which the women were not allowed to vote or join as well as any one less than 25 years old with lot of discrimination in the Shiites areas.

Qatar is a smaller Saudi Arabia and its support for Al-Jazeera TV is one example. It also supports Sheikh Qardhawi who is not less than the 26 Saudi Sheikhs in his Fatwa.

Syria is not in a big trouble with the international community but with its own people and they commit a big mistake by supporting terrorism inside Iraq. They now pass through a similar step like Saddam regime before his fall and unfortunately they repeated the same mistakes. The Syrian opposition now are awaiting the (Law of liberation). Possibly the Jordanian opposition working for the same thing.

All other Arab states are dictatorship with no exception at all. There are some hopes for many of these states to get freedom and democracy so as to join the world in its moving forward. This is the best way to cut off terrorism and to make peace in the region.

The only two states which got democracy and freedom in the Middle East are Israel and Iraq now.

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