Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Christian Citizens nominated Ali Sistani

In a document signed by 6000 intellectuals the Iraqi Christians nominated Grand Iyat-Allah Ali Sistani for Nobel Prize for his effort for peace.

The document stated that Sistani played extraordinary role to solve very difficult issues during extremely dangerous situations with peace. He provided spiritual role which played major part in mobilizing the people to join the democratic election.

The peaceful wisdom of Sistani comes during exceptional time full with terrorism and extremism. Sistani condemned all the terrorist activities and gave a civilised example for the wise spiritual leader not less than the role of John Paul II the Pope.

Sistani proved that he is not only spiritual leader for the Shiites but a wise person for peace to all the Iraqis irrespective of their faith or believes. He opposes those who join religion with politics.

During this time of extremism and terrorism, Sistani role was example for the others all over the world.

We second the Christian Iraqi Citizens to nominate Mr Ali Sistani for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2005.

Wahabi terrorism continued

Fifteen beheaded bodies have been found south Baghdad today. The IDs of the beheaded men and women are not yet known but it is most likely belongs to Iraqi Shiites among the pilgrimage to the holy cities in Najaf and Kerbala.

Wahabi terrorists who shed the Shiite blood have killed hundreds of them in Latiyfiyah in the last few months. These thugs use Saudi Wahabi Fatwa to carry out their crimes against non-Sunni people like Shiites and non-Muslims.

On the same time the Najaf police found 33 ready to fire rockets directed towards the city centre from the side of Bahr Al-Najaf which is from the side of Saudi Arabia. Many Saudi Wahabi terrorists have been captured in Najaf recently.

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