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Sunday 18 April 2004
I received an e mail again from DA! The D stands for Daisy and I withhold the A as well as the e mail which is different from the first one.

DA questioned my comment about his e mail. DA also stressed that no bad language used. I will keep copy of the e mail but it is waste of time to give it more than it deserve. I will not publish it. But will answer this part of it; DA said; ( I saw you published my email, and as I read your comments on it, I couldn't help my shake my head in disbelief and think to myself "doesn't he get the point?!"
First of all, I don't know what you mean by the "veil". Are you suggesting that I am some random person who shoots off emails for no reason? Is it because I signed with my initials instead of my name? Does that make me veiled? So what kind of information do you NEED from ME in order for my words to MEET YOUR APPROVAL?? My full name? ok, sex? age? profession? location? phone number? political affiliation...?? What else? Tell me.

OK will tell you but the readers have to know this as well. I meant by veil that if you oppose my ideas you may use the comment section that I put so that every one could see it and you are living in a democratic free country called USA and I assume you respect freedom of thoughts without insulting language. You also have to know the differences between the cultures, i.e. a language which may be accepted in your society as OK may be considered as an insult somewhere else!

The other thing about your ID! I do not like you to reveal your name etc, because I know that in the internet any one can use thousands of different names and e mails! There are many readers of my blog use anonymous or abbreviations.

At the end the reason I put your e mail in the blog because I thought this is where it should be so that the others may comment and give their ideas and this is how we learn from each others even if we got different ideas.

Not to forget; that no single Iraqi accept and like to see the occupation of his country by a foreign troops. We all would like to see an end to the occupation but not by the way of chaos, looting, robbery, blood shed, abduction, killing innocent people, terrorist attacks, destruction of power stations and of oil and water pipes, dirty power seeking militias, force using to impose their own way of life on women and men, assassinations of university professors and doctors and intellectuals, and so on and so forth. A scale is of a complete havoc and destruction. This is not resistance at all. What happened in Falluja and by Sadr are part of what I listed above. Thugs are seeking power or money or pushed by terrorist of Wahabi origin to commit their crimes.

Those who clap and shout slogans to Sadr on last Friday are the same people who did the same and more slogans for Saddam! Those who kill in Falluja are the same people who did the crimes of mass graves and tortures and Halbja chemical attacks by Saddam. Those who negotiate for them the Sunni Group and mediate for the release of hostages are the one who cried and regret the fall of the most tyrant regime on earth.

Yes we have been liberated from that regime with the help of the coalition troops and the USA admitted that it is an occupying force. GWB and his aides and Ministers etc, always said that they like to help to build a free, democratic Iraq with open and strong economy. This sound very good for us and we would like to see it started as soon as possible. We know that it is delayed for a little while but the reasons are very well know? It is the others who do not like to see it started and we are always said that it should start sooner rather than latter. See who kidnap and kills the contractors and bomb the oil pipes and the water pipes? It is the above groups who do not like to see security and reconstruction as well as the regional countries.

You have to know that we do not agree with every thing said by the US or done on the ground like the behaviors of some of the coalition soldiers neither the US would accept that. I wrote about it before and others done and we accept mutual respect and transparency in our relationship with each others. Bear in mind we are not fools to accept every thing or to be manipulated by others as they tell us. Iraqis are very intellectual people and got many well educated people who contributed to the western and other countries life very positively not only by their ancestors 6000 years ago but at this time. The Sweet child that you wrote your e mail to is one of them!
Regards and please use the comment section to comment next time. I only delete it or block it if it contains an unacceptable statement!

The Uncivilised!

The e mail below is one of some e mails sent under veil! Others have targeted me with spasms and viruses or even sending viruses to the others in my name.

The e mail below talks about the self of its sender. Obviously uncivilised, arrogant, and use insulting language. I only respect those who express their ideas with respect. If you do not know how to talk with respect expect that you will be rejected totally.

I don't accept cowards to write comments behind the scene by sending rubbish patronising! If you not feel ashamed from your ideas why you do not express them publically? What you fear from?

The e mail below sent Today and I will not publish its sender e mail but will keep it. It was sent under the title Blind Mouse and here it is below as it is without changes!

Ah sweet child, you keep on believing in the good intentions of your "liberators" don't you? You poor thing, I used to think that your mentality lacked reasoning and common sense due to that awful regime that was imposed on Iraq (thanks in part to the U.S.) but now I am genuinely feeling sorry for you, you just DO NOT WANT TO SEE the TRUTH do you?!

It is so painfully obvious what the intentions of my country are, so painfully obvious that it is beyond disheartening. Weapons was the flimsy first excuse, now "Freedom" is .. and boy, what beautiful freedom! Do you really think that if my country's intention "were" to start taking control of the Middle East, take control of the oil reserves of Iraq, and to show Europe and the rest of the world who still reigns supreme by waging this war, do you really think that if these "were" the true intentions of our government, that we would ANNOUNCE THEM? Please, let's not be so innocent! No opportunist announces his true intentions!! But anyway, bless your heart, your innocent little heart.

What I don't understand is how people can still believe in WORDS and refuse too see the ACTIONS or INACTIONS of this country. I don't know if you're holding on to mere smoke just so that you don't look so bad in front of everyone and admit that what you believe in was a mere illusion.

It takes guts, courage, to admit that one is wrong. Either you are completely blinded by the hopes of someone else's false promises or you just don't have what it takes to admit that you were wrong.

Either way, your blog is not that interesting, that's why I don't keep up with it. The Iraq bloggers that have made a difference and impact, are Salam, Riverbend, Raed, and Faiza. why? Because they are moderates who are actually willing to speak the TRUTH. Good for them, they don't lack what it takes to speak the truth ..


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