Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Decree of Paul Bremer

Paul Bremer and the US concerned departments will do a big mistake if they reinstate the previous criminal Baathis just to satisfy those who are fighting in Falluja.

PB advised the US government to change its policy about the Baathists and allow them to go back to their jobs. He announced according to the news and Radio SAWA that the US has changed its policy and it is going to allow them to go to their jobs.

Well there are two kinds of Baathists and two kinds of jobs. Those who are big members in the previous regime and some of the small members especially among the security forces are criminals in a way or another. They should not be allowed to come back until cleared by special courts. If PB and the CPA allowed it to happen without taking in consideration the victims of the mass graves and the other atrocities it will be a very big mistake which may add misery to the already miserable and very tense situation.
On the other hand there are Baathists who were in the party just to be safe and have nothing to do with its atrocities. Those may go back after clearance and declaration that they will not interfere with politics again and if it happened then they may risk losing their jobs.

As far as jobs are concerned in general there are two kinds. One which is not associated with security and leadership and the others are so. We think the returned Baathists should not go back to the security or related forces neither to the leadership. There is a risk that they may use the same policy of 1960s to control power by the tanks and then terror again. They are very well known in that both in Iraq and other countries.

If PB's decree is due to the pressure from the fighting in certain parts of Iraq then he should expect other parties to do the same thing to achieve its goals.
The situation in Iraq now is very tense and any simple mistake may send the whole country into a very dangerous condition both for the Iraqis and the collation forces. This then may lead to uncontrollable anarchy and may set a fertile ground for the terrorists to come from different parts to attack every one.

Before you do your decrees study its consequences well and see if there are alternatives and safe one. We think that consultation with the Iraqis in these issues is very important and PB should listen to them.

Democracy is not decrees and decrees are not freedom!

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