Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Prevention is better than cure

The situation right now in Iraq is very well expected and may get even worse in the next few months if it is not handled correctly, but, Why it is expected and why it may get worse? To answer these questions we have to remember the fact which is the direct relationship between the situation in Iraq and the coming presidential elections in the USA and the expected date of the hand over of power to an Iraqi government.

The outlawed violence in Iraq is simply motivated and pushed openly and directly by two groups. The first group is among those who seek power control to be the next dictators after Saddam either from his old system in the Sunni triangle or from the opportunistic thugs like Muqtada Asadr. The first group supported and pushed by the Wahabis from the Saudis, Sunni Arabs and Qaeda including its media channels and money providers. The second group supported and pushed by Iran and its tails in the region also supported by its media and money providers.

Regional countries which do NOT like to see free Arab state are many and involved directly. This includes of course, Syrian Bathist Regime, Saudi Wahabist, Wahabist in other Gulf and Arab states including Jordan and Egypt, Iran especially Khadem Hairi group which support MS and other states to some extent.
This atmosphere also created a suitable media for the other germs to move in like those who seek power and dream for the wealth and the criminals and thefts.

The Coalition in such an atmosphere will certainly make some mistakes and this is what the above germs are waiting for. When your body gets weak and its immunity get low the viruses and bacteria will find its way to the system to damage it and their where you need the antibiotic not to negotiate with the germs but to kill them. The Coalition did many mistakes by ignoring to get some vaccination against the bugs. They forget that prevention is better than cure. The situation now is that you have an inflamed body in many parts of its system. If you leave it without treatment you will expect the infection to spread to your body so easily. What is or are the solution then?

In SUMMARY you have to deal with all the germs by using broad-spectrum antibiotics bearing in mind that some are having resistance and need special antibiotic. Some need isolation to prevent the spread of infection and some need quarantine period and or immunization. The only thing you should not do is to escape or loss hope and to get so frustrated because this is what the above mentioned are waiting for. The outlawed should be captured and put into justice whoever they are. Law is LAW and PEOPLE are people. The outlawed may be states and media. States interfere in the affairs of other states should expect nothing but interferences. Media poison other countries should expect its head to be cut.

Lastly we expect things to get even worse so get ready and do NOT relax. Make no mistakes or less especially the CPA like the replacement of the Minister of interior by PB with another one weaker than the first! For me this is a mistake! Instead of letting the thugs pull and decide the way and place of pulling one have to do it and pull them then take them somewhere into a criminal camp. Get the capital punishment back and put all of Saddam regime into it. Hang them and any other killers in the public places and you will see how calm it will get! The message is clear.

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