Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

This is not a freedom neither a democracy!

May be the same thing which happened in 1991 after the 2nd Gulf war is repeating itself again! After that war GWB the senior called the Iraqis to upraise against their Butcher and its Baathist regime and when they done so the USA allowed Saddam to use his helicopters to crush the uprising in one of the bloodiest way in history. It resulted in one of the most horrific mass graves and ethnic cleansing then destruction of the environment.

After the last war the Coalition forces provided a direct and indirect protection for the criminals of the previous regime. Some of the killers are still walking safely and living with the previous wealth as if nothing has been changed. When the Iraqis go to the CPA representatives they tell them we do not have any evidence against them!!
It is a bitterness that one do not know how to describe it or reveal it to the others who do not no the reality of the situation in the filth of Iraq!

None of the previous killers have been tried and received the justice that they deserve including the biggest killers! Now the same mistake which happened after 1991 is repeating itself but this time it will lead to serious consequences because the US and coalition troops are sharing the same boat with the Iraqis. Adding to that there are too many factions and many terrorist and fertile grounds for more killing and more attacks that we do not like to see it happening.

Getting the Baathists back is a fatal mistake and it will result in nothing but more credibility for those who stated that the US policy in Iraq is not democracy neither freedom but something else. It will result in a damage which is never ever going to be repaired. This will lead to losing all the trust in the US policies in ME including those who gave their support and trust before. The terrorists and the dictators will say; look to the US how it betrayed the Iraqis by appointing their killers back on them after gave them the required protection!

If this is going to happen then the Iraqis should take power and law to their hands to punish any one who was involved in the killing and mass graves and tortures or helped them by spying and writing reports on the Iraqis. This of course has happened to some extent in the past 12 months especially after the CPA failed to tackle the issue. It may now happen but on a much bigger scale.

After this PB decree whether or not those who trusted the US policy will remain so or not; is a question opened for the time to tell. If this changed how many will join the opposite side and where it will end? It is going to be gloomy. The whole issue is very tense now and likely to be exploded at any time. If it is going to be exploded this time it will be a big fire which will eat every thing whether dry or wet. None will escape from it including the Coalition forces.

It is unfair to pay thousands of your beloved ones life and our beloved ones for what is called Operation Freedom aganist the Baathists then you do a U change after thousands of these lifes between dead and injuried losses. Is it worth it?!

The US should abandon the Baathification of Iraq again unless it is GWB kneeling to Syrian demands to help in Iraq after the failure in keeping the security issue! We think it is a wrong decision taken in the wrong time closer to the US election. You don't want to see chaotic Iraq in this time.

We also call upon all Iraqis to reject the Baathification again and to stand against this unjust and wrong decree. We demand putting all the criminals into trials sooner rather than later, then and only then rethinking the policy is an open issue after all the criminals get their justice.

In a statement sent to Elaph today the Iraqi Baath Party has already rejected PB and the US offer. The statement which is written in Arabic said that the Baath party will not bow to the US offers which came as a result of its failure in the security issue. Also stated that they will continue the resistance until the liberation of the whole country (a statement which means control of power by the Baath over the whole country again)!

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