Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Who Got The Answer!?

Another attack on the civilians, children, & Iraqi Police! This time in Basrah the only port city which is in the South of Iraq. We may describe the terrorist again by all the dirty language and filth that they deserve but in fact none suite them! Next time we may describe the worst things by saying e.g.; Oh smell filthy like a terrorist! Or Oh my God; dirty like a terrorist, and so on!

The most important is who are they and why we do not get any answer for this question? Who is responsible to get them for justice?
OK; let us by our reasoning look to all the possibilities including ourselves me and you! Who attacked and killed the children while they were in their Bus going to school? Let us consider according to the way of Agatha Christie every one is suspicious and we start by ourselves!

The killers are me and you! (impossible; full-stop)
The Iraqi police! Why they kill themselves and it is not in their interests.
The Coalition forces! Not in their interest either.
Iraqis! High suspicion but who are they? Very unlikely to be ordinary people. But likely to be among the Baathist regime and the fanatical terrorist. We will see the conclusion.
Iran! They are able to do it but it is not good for them to kill Iraqi children. They are government and not terrorist organisation but the suspicion remain that people among them may help the perpetrators!
Israel! They got their own problems of suffering from the same attacks against their civilians and it is not good for them to look as terrorist outside their territories. It is for their interest to show goodwill to the Iraqis for a better future for both sides.
Kuwait! The government and most the people interest is to see stable Iraq but again that does not prevent some fanatic to help in carrying it out as individuals and not as state. We will see this in the conclusion.
Saudi Arabia! Certainly the terrorist Wahabis may do it for too many reasons. Thousands of them exist in Iraq to do the same thing. They consider the Coalition forces, Shias, IP, and others as infidels to be killed. The killer will go to paradise for 77 virgin wives waiting for him and will have a sexual desire of more than 100 men! This possibility is high with red alert. But we have to say that the Saudi government again will not do it because they are also targeted by the terrorists. They may be blamed for their inability to prevent the influx of the terrorist.
Qaeda and Zarqawi! Number one on the top of the list with flag.
Syria, Jordan, and other states! Not as government but influx of money, terrorists and other means could come from there.
The Palestinians! It is not of their interest but among them and according to their announcement to attack the US forces and those who work with them we keep suspicion. Many still support Saddam regime including Jordanians.
Qatar! Possible role by their media like Al-Jazeera but not direct.
UAE! Indirect role exist by media like Al-Arabyiah and their support for the previous members of the Iraqi regime. Many in their lands including Saddam family.

Conclusion: I will leave every one suspicious and invite you to put your unbiased analysis to help us to identify the killers! You and me would like to see who kills the children, civilians, and perpetrate all this devilish acts? Who got the answer?

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