Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Muqtada Al Sadr

The above mentioned adolescent deserves no word, but the recent events forced me to write about. MS is simply an ignorant mentally retarded weird adolescent man surrounded by dirty people like him. He thinks that he inherited his father who believed to be killed by SH. MS is a timid man. He dear to utter one word if Saddam is there. Timid people use their voices if they feel that they are safe and keep silent when threatened.

There are two kinds of supporters for MS. Those who are close to him and they are opportunistic no different from the security of SH. The other largest group are those who may get some benefits or obsessed by his black turban!

MS money comes mostly from Iran and from the successor of his father Kadhem AL Hairi in Iran and may be other groups. Very recently an important officer from the Iranian Intelligence services defected from Iran and mentioned that the Iranian Intelligent Security had established many secret bases inside Iraq. How many bases of these support or linked to MS?

MS may have a connection to the assassination of Majeed Khoei and may be others. His arrest by Iraqi police not coalition forces and put him into an Iraqi court should have been done before allowing him to organise groups of somehow trained people for at least demonstrations and outlaws. What is happening is some thing bigger than a one adolescent man. It is a push may be by outside forces. Not to forget the Arab media which inflate MS as a leader like their own inflated leaders? MS is nothing but a manic obsessed man.

The best solution now is one thing only which is for Mr Ali Sistani to issue a FATWA right now to ask for calm and to consider any unrest not acceptable. Such Fatwa will do the magic that no other forces could do it. Let be pressure from Iraqi GC and CPA on this man to get the Fatwa.

While writing these lines I am watching the fucking TV of Al Jazeera which inflame the situation as if the whole world going into a 4th world war! They send the Wahabi journalist Ahmed Mansor who is a very poisonous man. He broadcast from Fullojah and he just injected his poison describing GWB to face the same fate of his father. The other one interviewed is a retired general from Egypt who is another poison injector. We always pointed out and again we repeat here that the Arab Al Jazeera and Al Arabyiah are poisnous channels have a negative influence on the Iraqi ordinary man and unfortunately no one applied any pressure on them or the government which support them. They need a serious and real warning or better shut them off. Likewise shut any one call for unrest like MS by the appropriate way with no blood shed.
About Fullojah it needs a detailed work including expelling foreigners like Ahmed Mansor and his alike.

Lastly the best way is to get more and more Iraqi Police and forces controlling power inside the cities and pull coalition forces outside the cities. Then let the Iraqi Police and forces and justice do the job against the outlawed.

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