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The Wahabis Game in Iraq!

I thought I would keep the Muqtada Sadr article on the top until his problem comes to an end but since he start to bow down now and dropped his conditions it is not worth it. He wrote his end by his own hands so let it be. He should be held responsible for the loss of life and the unlawfulness he created. He have no militia to convert into a political party neither he got any party agenda so this should not be accepted. It is better that he should go on the TV and apologize to the Iraqis and denounce all of his anomalous behaviour and the intention of power control. Just few days ago he declared that he would like to die for his own cause, now he is making a U turn after causing huge damage! See my previous description of him!

About Falluja we would like to consider it under the umbrella of the Wahabism because they are basically similar! Let us see in summary first what Wahabism is?!

The Saudi, Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab was the founder of the Wahabi Faith which is the only and main faith in Saudia Arabia. Its formation based on the most fanatical ideology of Bin Taymiyah who was the founder of the Salafi doctrine which is based on a strict, inert and superficial imitation of the Companions of the Prophet. According this no one from the next generation could challenge the companions' action. Their way of life should be strictly imitated irrespective of the cumulative changes by time.
The founders and followers of this faith got a problem not only with non-Muslims but also with Muslims not among the Wahabi/Salafi/Sunni ideology including those belong to the family of the Prophet especially the Shia.

One of the major principles of the Wahabi faith is its non-recognition of the Geographical borders and the doctrine of Loyalty and Absolution. The loyalty according to the Wahabis means obedience of Muslim leaders even if they are dictators or tyrants or oppressors or arrogant! The absolution (AL Baraa) means they are clear from any one other than their Faith. This makes the use of Jihad an indiscriminate action against any one else. One has to mention here that the term Jihad introduced by Islam as a self defence mechanism against invaders and not as an intimidation and invasion of the others. Also to add that the Prophet said the best of the Jihad is the Jihad of the one-self. One-self Jihad means the Muslim should try to clean himself from sins and keep it so as much as he or she can.

The Saudi Highest Group for Fatwa (Legal Opinion) always releases Fatwas calling for killing of the Infidels including the Shias! They consider that the founder of the Shia faith is a Jew and so their blood is shed! The main incubator for the Wahabi faith is the University of Imam Mohammad Bin Saud in Riyadh. The Wahabi faith of course fully financed and supported by the rolling family and government in Saudi Arabia.
Since the fall of Saddam regime they send thousands of men to Falluja and the Sunni triangle to confront the new changes in Iraq and confront the Infidel forces there. The changes they do not like to see are a free and democratic Iraq. Of course they do not like to see an Arab state governed by Shia Arabs majority or government. If Iraq is going to have a Shia majority government then this is happening for the first time for more than one thousands year in the ME! They like to see all Arab states rolled by Sunni governments! At least 20% of the population of Saudi Arabia are Shia. They live in the Eastern oil rich province yet they suffer oppression and discriminations on all levels.

In Falluja there is evidence that at least 400 Arabs have been killed during the recent fighting, some of them have been named from Riyadh city. Some of the Arab insurgents in Falluja have got married to local women. Some others used the Missyar marriage which is a kind of marriage they legalise for themselves when they travel to another area! It is a marriage always ends with divorce agreed right from the beginning! This is new kind of marriage and its name well explained that its origin is Saudi.

The Wahabist in the Sunni areas have already entered in coalition with the Baathists. They may succeed to some extent to kidnap here and there or to kill some innocent people with help of the Qaeda but they will ultimately loss. The latest hostage taking may be seen as a chaos but the history telling us that it is a sign of death to the perpetrators.

The Saudi government as well as the other Arab governments are nothing but old rotten dictators not allowing their people to express their ideas and surrounding themselves by hypocritical and opportunistic people. Every one know the mutual interest that the Wahabis and Saudi rollers enjoy from each other right from the beginning of the creation of Saudi Arabia. The way of creation of Saudi Arabia was amongst the bloodiest way in history. Al Saud were just Bedouins slaughtered too many people to keep the Four well know states, Najad, Hijaz, Eastern Province and Makka and Medinah under their control. All the Arab states don't like to see the post Saddam Iraq having a role in the future of ME. They like to see another dictator Sunni Arab president for life like them in Iraq. The Arab presidents and some Minister enjoy jobs for life passed to their sons. One feels sick to see the same faces govern from Cradle to Grave!

The world is changing yet the Arabs are not! They try their best to prevent any changes in their neighbour country called Iraq but changes are coming to their own courtyard whether they accept or not!

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