Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Important Points!

Muqti and Zarqawi

The Jordanian Ahmed Fadhel Nazal Al Khaliylah (Abo Mosaab Al Zarqawi) offered to get an alliance with Muqtada Assadr!
MS is a child who plays attention seeking behaviour because he thinks that he had been ignored. He seeks power and pushed many poor and ignorant youths to commit criminal acts against the other Iraqis and foreigners and their possessions and properties. These sort of terrorist behaviours led Saddr foe's Zarqawi to seek an alliance with him! Criminals are always likes each other.

Muqti and Iran

Rafsanjani the X-President of Iran made a heroic comment about Saddr described him as a hero! It is true he is a hero for the Iranian regime which like to put Iraq in chaos before it get settled, free, democratic and prosperous and the Iranian regime then will find itself in a big trouble. Iranian regime already saw some of that few weeks ago by the student demonstration and by the threat of some of the political and religious leader to go to Iraq and to seek help from the international community for the change in Iran. They know that and so they rushed toward the adolescent Muqti. He is a good tool in their hands. There are people from the IGC who called for Muqti to go into exile in Iran. This is really not good. He should be tried with other criminals by an Iraqi court for his crimes against Iraq and not to be allowed to escape. That opportunist who works with Muqti should be arrested. If needed declare curfew in all unsettled cities from 6 PM to 6 AM. During this time send special force to get Muqti captured or send him with his shroud to where he would like to go!

Saddam moved!

There is news that Saddam has been moved to Qatar US HQ! If this is true it will do nothing but inflame the situation in Iraq even more.

"Shoe Beating Anniversary"

Poisonous media supporting terrorist

Again the terrorist media Al Jazeera and Al Arabia TVs showed the two tapes for some thugs holding knifes and threatening to kill innocent Japanese in the name of Islam. Islam has nothing to do with the criminals who use its name for their own purposes. Islam means peace and the way these criminal terrorist use have nothing to do with it but with the devilish way of the Wahabist and other terrorists in the region and the world. Strict measure should apply on all non-respected terrorist supporter Arab media and the BBC Arabic service.

Release the Japanese Hostages Immediately

The Japanese hostages should be released immediately and their captives should be punished sooner or latter if not by the Coalition by the Iraqis. Other hostages should be released as well and the maximum penalty should be used against their captives.

Eizzat Al Dori and Al Zarqawi may be captured soon probably in Falluja or Mosul!

How many Wahabis from Jordan and Saudia exist in Falluja and Rowmadi?

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